Frequently Asked Questions

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My Account

  • I cant access my account!

  • I would like to receive E-Newsletters

Placing Orders

  • Once I place my order, which Jewelry Display location will my order go to?

  • I am trying to order a single box but the website wont let me order only one, how can I order a sample?

  • What happens when an item is back ordered?

  • Can I Cancel an order?

Promotional Codes & Discounts

  • Free shipping promotions

  • Where can I use promotional codes?

  • How many promotions can I apply to an order?


  • I want to ship with a courier, what option should I choose?

  • I received my order but a few things are missing, what happened?

  • Is it possible to ship my order under my UPS account?

  • How long will my order take to get to me?

  • Tracking Shipments

  • International shipping rates


  • Can I return the items I bought?

  • I received a damaged item, how can I exchange it?

  • I received the wrong item, how can I change it?

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