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This is your hub for everything jewelry displays, jewelers tools, jewelry supplies, jewelry packaging and more! We are dedicated to keeping you informed, knowledgeable and up to date on new styles and technology.

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The Classics

Value Leatherette Line Jewelry Displays

jewelry displays - value line leatherette

Our Value Line Leatherette displays are covered with White Vienna Leatherette giving you a consistent look and color throughout your display area. shop >

Economy Leatherette Jewelry Displays

jewelry displays - economy leatherette

Economy Line Faux Leather jewelry displays are our most popular displays—the look of quality leatherette at a lower cost. shop >

Economy Velvet Jewelry Displays

jewelry display - economy velvet

Our least expensive jewelry displays—most items are made with a faux velvet material that has the look of velvet without the price. shop >

Popular Display Styles

Black Leatherette Jewelry Displays

jewelry displays - black leatherette

Our black Leatherette displays are covered with a high quality black Leatherette giving you a consistent look and color throughout your display area. shop >

Chocolate Beige Jewelry Displays

jewelry displays - chocolate beige leatherette

Our chocolate beige displays are covered with a high quality beige Leatherette giving you a consistent look and color throughout your display area. shop >

Handmade Natural Wood Jewelry Displays


Our natural wood displays are hand carved from high quality wood giving you a beautiful natural grain organic look throughout your display >

jewelry displays - jewelry boxes

Boxes & Bags

Jewelry Display carries the largest variety of jewelry gift boxes and bags you'll find anywhere. Whether you are looking for a ring gift box, earring box, bracelet gift box, necklace gift box or watch box, you will find it all here. We also carry a very large assortment of suedine pouches, eurosuede pouches, organza pouches, silk pouches, necklace folders and a selection of paper and boutique bags. shop >

Jewelry Tools

jewelry displays - jewelry tools

All the tools a jeweler needs — ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, ionic cleaners and other jewelry tools like loupes, tweezers, gold testers, electronic scales, watch repair tools and diamond testers your jewelers tools are all in one place! shop >

Jewelry Supplies

jewelry displays - jewelry supplies

Jewelry Supplies every retail jeweler needs — from string tags and dumbbell tags for pricing your merchandise to the polishing cloth you will need to keep it sparkling, a counter mirror or a watch battery—you'll find all your jewelry supplies and much more. shop >

Jewelry Displays

Jewelry Display is your hub for news and updates on the latest jewelry displays, jewelry boxes, jewelers tools and jewelers supply trends. We have the largest selection of articles about jewelry displays on the web including articles about ring displays, necklace displays and necklace stands, bracelet displays, earring displays as well as earring stands, watch cases and watch winders, showcase risers and all types of acrylic jewelry displays.
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